Phoenix Ballet: The Nutcracker at Orpheum Theater

phoenix ballet nutcrackerIf you are keen on enjoying world-class ballet performances in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, you can definitely catch amazing showcases by the premier ballet company, the Phoenix Ballet! The esteemed ballet powerhouse is one of Phoenix’s most newly established non-profit organizations founded by artistic director Slawomir Wozniak! This 2023 to 2024 season, ballet enthusiasts can look forward to a plethora of incredible performances, including the highly coveted Christmas epic, The Nutcracker! This prestigious new organization is on a mission to “inspire, enrich, and nurture” the next generation of dancers in Phoenix, as well as offer groundbreaking presentations that will entertain and create lasting memories for viewers! Aside from the Nutcracker, Phoenix Ballet will also be performing several other outstanding repertoires, such as Paquita, Snow White, and the Graduation Ball! See this remarkable ensemble as they grace the stage at the Orpheum Theatre! Tickets to see Phoenix Ballet light up the Orpheum Theatre are now available through the Get Tickets link!

The Nutcracker Tickets:

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This December, the prestigious Phoenix Ballet, led by the illustrious artistic director and founder Slawomir Wozniak, has prepared a wonderful holiday showcase that will surely have you at the edge of your seat! The Nutcracker is a classic holiday tradition that graces the stages across the world! This winter, Phoenix Ballet will deliver their rendition of the Christmas epic that has been taking the ballet world by storm since its premiere in 1892. Even though this two-act ballet showcase has been performed countless times over the span of 130 years, the holidays will not be complete without a world-class performance of the ballet epic! 

The Nutcracker features a captivating story set during Christmas Eve. Clara becomes heartbroken when a wooden nutcracker given by her godfather is broken by her brother Fritz. Luckily, her godfather, Drosselmeyer, fixes the toy, much to Clara’s relief. That night, when everyone has already gone to bed, Clara takes a peek in the parlor to check on her nutcracker. But as the clock strikes midnight, an otherworldly universe ensues with Christmas trees, toy soldiers, gingerbread men, and the Nutcracker growing in size. Meanwhile, the room is filled with mice led by the seven-headed mice king. As an epic battle fills the room, Clara is bewildered by the unbelievable events that are happening right in the parlor. After the mouse king’s defeat, the Nutcracker transforms into a handsome prince. Will Clara explore more into this unknown universe and follow the prince into the Land of the Sweets? Find out more when you catch the Nutcracker from December 8th to 23rd, 2023, at the Orpheum Theater!

The Nutcracker features amazing music by legendary composer Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, while the libretto and the original choreography were led by Marius Petipa. Since the late ‘60s, the full production of The Nutcracker has made its way to North America, and ballet companies across the country deliver their own renditions and homage to one of the greatest ballet shows of all time. 

This winter, it would be interesting to see the 2023 production by the illustrious dancer, choreographer, and artistic director Slawomir Wozniak. Founder of both the Master Ballet Academy and Phoenix Ballet, Wozniak will utilize his decade’s worth of training and experience to direct, hone, and develop the talented dancers from Phoenix. Woznika, who made his professional debut in 1986, has vast experience in performing in world-class productions. In fact, he has also appeared in a North American production of The Nutcracker. Aside from the beloved Christmas epic, he has also delivered groundbreaking performances in Lorca Massine’s Zorba the Greek, Cinderella, and more. In 1992, he received the nomination of Revelation of the Year by French magazine Danse. He’s a Polish dance icon whose work and talent transcends across the world, and his masterpieces (which include titles such as Only Love, The Nutcracker, Peacock and the Maiden, and Comix-Comedy) have enchanted ballet audiences. 

Phoenix Ballet’s The Nutcracker has earned countless praises from ballet enthusiasts. Some reviewers have raved about the excellent performance, which conquered the Orpheum Theatre. “Incredible dancers! Even the many youngsters in the beginning were impressively talented,” said Dallas, a spectator from Gilbert, Arizona. He continued to express his delight over the costumes and the stage, describing them as top-notch. Another review complimented the production for its gorgeous scenes and outstanding music.  

In a previous production of The Nutcracker, another audience member, Bronwyn Lyons, had nothing but good words for Phoenix Ballet’s performance. “Had an amazing time at the “Nutcracker “ this afternoon. Phoenix Ballet performed an amazing show with classic and new fun choreography used to tell the story. Drosselmeyer was an excellent storyteller as well as the perfect addition to humor.” Another spectator, Virginia Fargot, added, “I saw Phoenix Ballet for 1st time, it moved me emotionally. It allowed me to get caught in the moment through elegant Ballet.”

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Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona

As the critically acclaimed production of The Nutcracker takes over the Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona, attendees can look forward to a great afternoon or evening as the showcase lights up the grand stage! If you are a ballet enthusiast, you’ll admire the show’s incredible talents – Phoenix Ballet has a myriad of impressive dancers of all ages! Moreover, the show is guaranteed to provide breathtaking scenery and outstanding music! Meanwhile, attendees can expect the utmost comfort when they visit the Orpheum Theatre. The 1,364-capacity auditorium provides an awe-inspiring Spanish revival architecture. It completely sets a luxurious ambiance that you won’t find anywhere else in Phoenix! Top that off with the venue’s excellent facilities, top-tier light, and sound technology, and great customer service, you have yourself a show to remember for months and years to come!  Guests can find the Orpheum Theatre at 203 West Adams. The venue is located in the hustle and bustle of Downtown Phoenix. You can enjoy excellent dining and shopping options in the area and also take advantage of the ample parking within a two-block radius. 

If you’re keen on catching Phoenix Ballet’s The Nutcracker at the Orpheum Theatre, now is the time to secure your tickets! Hurry and click on the Get Tickets link now to see Phoenix Ballet light up the Orpheum Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona!

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