Kathy Griffin at Orpheum Theatre

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Orpheum Theatre | Phoenix, Arizona

Kathy Griffin

Did you ever think something really bad about a stranger in public? A thought that surprised you because your mom didn’t raise you to think like that? That’s okay, we all have, and comedians capitalize on it. It’s easy not to feel like a terrible person when the comedian has it all onstage and throws their worst thoughts out into the world. If they can make a joke about the most downtrodden things in the world, and still be thought of as a good person and show their humanity, your mean comment to your roommate won’t feel as bad, trust us.

We bet you can think of so many things you'd love to be doing this March, is watching a comedy one of them? Told you! It's the greatest way to ward off any bad demons, especially after the last few of years we've all had! The BRILLIANTLY FUNNY, the excellent, Kathy Griffin is on a US wide tour for spring, 2024 and as expected its already a huge success! Bring your entire crew with you, this is a real bonding experience, there is nothing quite like it. The exciting evening will be showing at the unrivaled place for this sort of show in town, Orpheum Theatre, Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday 16th March 2024. The venue is stunning, fans love it and hundreds of wonderful reviews could not be wrong! If you haven't already then today is time to buy your tickets. Just use this page to book via the link, this is your opportunity!

Kathy Griffin at Orpheum Theatre

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